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Black Fathers Who Babywear!

By now you might have heard about the controversy over baby carrier company Baby K’Tan’s marketing for their sling. One box features a white mother and baby, with her partner standing behind her, the other features a black woman and her baby standing by themselves. Many feel that the packaging furthers the perception that black…

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Why Mothers Can Never Be Fathers

Editor’s note: The Baby and Blog writing team shares a variety of views on the role of a father in the household. Here, our writer Didan expresses her view. Yes! I’m a Daddy’s girl and I hope my daughter grows up to be a Daddy’s girl, too. The bond between a man and his child…

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7 Ways to Get Your Husband to Help With Housework

My husband taking down my son’s cornrowsMy household is not traditionally set up. My husband works part time and attends graduate school, while I work (slightly overtime) as the primary breadwinner. This means that we’re both *very* busy, no one has “more time” than the other. So when it comes household chores, we HAVE to…

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