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12 Healthy Breakfast Options for the Time-Strapped Mom

Tired.  The perpetual state of being for many mothers. You’re already waking up before the sun rises and burning late into the night on most days, so breakfast is usually a choice between the sugary cereals you love-to-hate, toaster pastries or the sausage and biscuits from your local fast-food joint. After all, it’s much better than not…

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10 Healthy and Delicious Dessert Recipes

You’ve just completed a hearty meal in a fine restaurant and the waiter returns with the menu, inviting you to try their decadent-looking desserts. Dessert or no dessert? This is the question that many of us mothers struggle with on a daily or weekly basis; we want to provide treats to satisfy that innate desire for sweetness, but we also have to struggle against the all too common sugar addiction and its accompanying diseases. Today’s Sugary Habits  We don’t…

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5 Easy and Healthy Sweet Snack Recipes

Before we talk snacks, let me clarify something – I’m not a healthy food expert.   In fact, for dinner last night, my kids ate re-heated fast food fries and a bruised banana.  For dinner. What can I say? It was a rough day, and I abandoned any real dinner plans early in the afternoon.  So…

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