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3 Reasons I Don’t Spank

By Alicia Barnes, We don’t spank in our house. Even with a two year old who has very big emotions. We don’t spank, or whoop, or pop, or beat, or yell. There are lots of interesting cognitive and social studies on the negatives of spanking, but I call on my own experiences for why…

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Discipline Without Spanking: 3 Tips for Effective Time Out

By DeAnna It seems that one of the most common subjects in the stand up routines of black comedians is the difference between black people and white people. More specifically, the differences between black parents and white parents. We’ve all heard it before: White children are little hellions that run wild because their parents don’t discipline…

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Is Not Spanking Your Child a “White Thing”?

A few days ago I came across an article on Ebony Magazine’s website written by a new mother describing her approach to parenting, which included natural childbirth, breastfeeding and not spanking. The author labeled her choices as “white parenting decisions”, and connected black mothers’ use of physical punishment to slavery. Here’s an excerpt: “Finally, a…

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