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9 Ways I Survive as a Black Woman Mothering Without a Village

Carrie Mae Weems : The Kitchen Table Series, 1990 From seeking advice about teething and feeding,  to getting help with the laundry and babysitting,  family members and friends make up the village most women depend on to help them bring up their child(ren). But, the reality for some of us is that we have made our homes in foreign countries or other locations that make it hard to see our loved ones regularly. Some of us are in this…

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Black Fathers Who Babywear!

By now you might have heard about the controversy over baby carrier company Baby K’Tan’s marketing for their sling. One box features a white mother and baby, with her partner standing behind her, the other features a black woman and her baby standing by themselves. Many feel that the packaging furthers the perception that black…

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Pregnancy Ruined My Hair in a Major Way

It’s been almost two years since I had my baby, and my hair is still recovering. Sure, I had heard about the postpartum shed, but I never thought about how it’d impact my thin, easy to break, super slow to grow natural hair. The hormones of pregnancy disrupt the normal shedding cycle of hair. This…

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